Support Victims of Aranayaka Landslide

Due to Aranayaka landslide, 11 children lost their loving fathers. Those families are still living in temporary shelters. We are planning to support those children by providing their educational and other important needs by means of providing books, clothes and other materials. We are also working on finding a way to help those single parents to have a stable income to manage their lives themselves. Please join us to raise more funds to help these families.
The following children are in need of your support.

  1. N D Dilki Kumari – 16 years
  2. MPG Erandi Kapukotuwa – 16 yrs
  3. HGK Kalhara Kapukotuwa – 11 yrs
  4. AGK Oshan Senevirathna – 7 yrs
  5. SG Sahan Samarasinghe – 10 yrs
  6. SG Nethmi Samarasinghe – 6 yrs
  7. NDD Dhananjaya Balasooriya – 9 yrs
  8. AGA Dulanjalie Premarathna – 8 yrs
  9. ND Tharindu Dilshan – 13 yrs
  10. SP Sandeepa Malsinghe – 12 yrs
  11. Name not known.

A few of the photos are published here. If you wish to sponsor the educational requirements of any of these children, please contact us on +44-7429085418 or +44 7785773377 for more information.

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