Light For Knowledge – Donating Educational Needs – Donors are encouraged to make a 6 month contribution of £30 for this cause. You may set up a standing order of £5 each month for 6 months or a total of £30 in one donation. We can arrange it to be donated on your child’s name. These book donations are given to children in very rural areas in different parts of the country. You may find our previous donation information HERE.

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Strength For Life – A Stable Income with a Self Employment Project – This is our main objective, supporting families with children to put their skills to practice. We support talented children by helping their parents to start a self employment to generate a stable income for the family. We believe that family income is important to raise children to make the way for their success in education. Rural areas are selected to find these talented children from schools and our district co-coordinators to monitor these projects.

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Skills For Life – Technical Training For School Leavers

We provide support for schools in rural areas to train school leavers for a life skill which can clear the way for young teenagers who leave school after GCE O/L and A/L to have a skill to earn their living. It helps them to stand up on their own without being a burden to the parents and the society.

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Foster Parent – If you like to sponsor a child whose father or both parents are deceased or a parent is disabled, we can find a child for you. As a result of natural disasters, we have already found 10 children who are in need of support. A recent visit by a member of BFC has found these children are in a very pathetic situation leaving them living in temporary tents in an open field. These children are now suffering with post traumatic disorders due to loss of loved ones and seeing most life threatening disasters. They need your help. Please come forward to help them at least providing with their educational needs.
Due to the Aranayaka landslide, 10 children lost their fathers and left with their single mothers in temporary shelters.

  1. N D Dilki Kumari – 16 years
  2. MPG Erandi Kapukotuwa – 16 yrs
  3. HGK Kalhara Kapukotuwa – 11 yrs
  4. AGK Oshan Senevirathna – 7 yrs
  5. SG Sahan Samarasinghe – 10 yrs
  6. SG Nethmi Samarasinghe – 6 yrs
  7. NDD Dhananjaya Balasooriya – 9 yrs
  8. AGA Dulanjalie Premarathna – 8 yrs
  9. ND Tharindu Dilshan – 13 yrs
  10. SP Sandeepa Malsinghe – 12 yrs

A few of the photos are published here. If you wish to sponsor the educational requirements of any of these children, please contact us on +44-7429085418 or +44 7785773377 for more information.

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BFC Vision Aid – Supporting children with visual impairments as well as other differently able children in special needs schools is one of our prioritized causes. We arrange to donate music instruments, Braille Writers and printers, sports equipment and other educational needs to Special Needs Schools in all parts of Sri Lanka.

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Happy Feet – Another project of Birthday Fund Charity is donating school shoes to children in rural areas in Sri Lanka. Now you can join by donating £5 for a pair of shoes for a child, or donating 50 pairs of shoes worth £250 to selected children in a rural school in a selected district.

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